Here’s how technology can help you have hotter sex

Here’s how technology can help you have hotter sex

Technology is wonderful, fantastic and very convenient especially when it comes to sex. The 21st-century tech innovations in electronic devices keep you in Touch with your partner. The right Touch and using tech devices on your partner can make both of you breathless, double the beats of your heart and make your blood rush through your veins. Hurrah for Technology. 

1. Sex Toys have been reinvented throughout the years. The hand vibrating hand massagers are made to fit the palm of your hand. Your fingers touch the skin when you slowly massage the legs, tease the soft spot behind the knees, and don’t forget the sensitive skin inside the thighs. There are lotions and gels that become warm when applied to the body and then add the massager. 

Long Distance Sex can be Great
2. Your long distance relationship doesn’t have to suffer. Use Virtual Sex Toys that will stimulate your phallic member and her core and clitoris using your PC, tablet, phone or other electronic devices to activate the toys. You can purchase the app and watch each other as you reach your height of ecstasy.

Special Texts to Partners Only
3. Sexting works like a charm. Send the “sexy naughty pictures” and “talk dirty” to your partner and mention the body parts you would like to lick taste. All the electronic devices can carry the message. Contact your partner anytime and try to make the sexting an unexpected pleasant surprise.

Recording on Electronic Devices
4. You and your partner can be the stars of your very own erotic movie. Transform the room into your movie set, whether it’s in the bedroom, living room or the upstairs hallway. Position the laptop, tablet or cell phone where the area for your movie will take place. Start filming from the beginning of the foreplay scene to the end when the sweat and fluids begin to flow freely. Set aside a time when you both can review the film fully clothed. Just kiss and hug and watch the film twice and then have fun ripping off each others clothing.

Vibrators, Double Dildo’s and Soft Sturdy Snatch Pockets for Men
5. The vibrating dildo with the clitoris and anal stimulation is a spectacular way to tease your partner. The vibrating snatch pocket is a snug fit and his partner can start kissing him from the neck down while she holds on to the pocket. He can keep the vibrator inside of her at the same time.
You take turns pleasuring each other. Slide the vibrator over the nipples for stimulation and then start sucking on them until they are hard like pebbles. Slowly slide the vibrator under the breast and this will make her core hot, wet and ready for her partner.

Movies are Informative 
6. Watching erotic movies that have the fantasies you would like to try. Role playing and adding another person to fulfill that fantasy is a lot of fun. 
Technology, Fantasy, and Fulfillment make good partners.