Makers of “Mindblowing” Sex Robot is Swamped by Orders

Sex Robot is Swamped by Orders

If you love virtual reality games, you are going to be mind blown by this. Virtual Dolls is product that allows users to be able to virtually have sexual intercourse and be pleasured by on-screen eroticism. The makers of this virtual sex toy was swamped by pre-orders and they didn’t predict that amount so they had to pull it off the market. These Virtuadolls are taking adult gaming to the next level with using a VR headset like the Oculus Rift, making it more realistic feeling. 

The virtual dolls are designed to give a “mind-blowing” experience with many features. One of the features is a programmable pressure gripper that allows you to adjust the speed and tightness, along with the “stroke motion”. It is able to detect a “man’s thrust” and portrays it on screen. While it may look like a creepy silicon version of a woman’s safe space, it doesn’t seem to scare any new players away. The device invites players to go on missions and be rewarded with that “happy ending” with the girl of the story. The title of the story that the Virtuadolls are being shipped with is called Girls of Arcadia, with the plot being the players must save a damsel in distress. If you don’t want to save the girl, they you just skip to the sexual part of the story, but sadly you would miss the whole story on how you and the girl even progressed to that stage. 

The only downside is that any teen that buys this should probably consider locking their bedroom doors or live alone, only because their mom could open the door at any moment and the teen won’t even know she is there. In the future, this could come with headphones along with the VR headset and you are practically so into the game, you won’t notice your surroundings in the real world. Just be cautionate about your surroundings before diving into the system.

Basically, this is a an adult game controller where touch and feedback are on the same level. You could feel the game better than ever with the synchronized movement. Every man out there is ecstatic about the arrival of this product, however, the product’s campaign is postponed because of a huge amount of orders. In 5 days, the campaign did raise $7,000 out of their $20,000 goal, showing a huge demand for their product. Experts say that these “sex robots” could be the biggest trend of 2016.