The Sewer People of Las Vegas

The Sewer People of Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is home to nearly 2 million people. Nearly all of them live within the city limits and the surrounding suburbs. However, there is another group of people residing within Las Vegas and they reside beneath the city’s infrastructure inside of tunnels. These individuals are known as the sewer or mole people of Las Vegas. They are in fact a part of the homeless population that resides in under belly of Sin City. 

Most people do not go through life wanting to be homeless. Many people find themselves in this type of situation due to addiction problems. People also end up homeless because they cannot support themselves financially. Regardless of the reason, the tunnels beneath Las Vegas is filled with people who somehow managed to end up on the streets. 

When people find themselves inside of the tunnels they try to make the most of their situation. They usually set up a cot or even a bed. They often have belongings such as books, lamps, dressers and crates for storing and shelving items. People who live in the tunnels are usually dealing with some form of addiction or mental health issues. They often have to find a way to support their drug habits while they are living in this type of situation. 

One way that the tunnel dwellers find money is by credit-hustling. This is an activity which requires people to search through the slot machines to find left over credits by previous players. On average, people can earn $50 a night. Some individuals have been known to make as much as $1600 on a given night doing this type of thing. Unfortunately, many people who reside within the tunnels do not want to use the money to overcome their problem with homelessness. Instead, a lot of them use it to support their addiction. 

Many of the homeless people in Las Vegas’s tunnel system have been placed into shelters or mental health facilities within other cities. No one wants to deal with them and they are usually forgotten or unnoticed by the vast majority of people living above ground in Las Vegas. Some tunnel dwellers claims that this is another thing that attracts people to the tunnels. The fact that they become invisible and no one really pays attention to them or bothers them. 

City officials know that the tunnels exists and that people use them to survive. They are not going to drive everyone up to the surface because of the problems it would cause trying to take care of them. Many of Las Vegas homeless charities are already overwhelmed. 

The tunnels do present problems for law enforcement officials if someone commits a crime. They can easily stay lost in the tunnels for weeks on end. This is what Timmy T.J. Weber did back in 2002 after murdering his girlfriend. Weber disappeared in the tunnels for many weeks before police finally caught up with him. His actions is what brought the tunnels beneath Las Vegas to the spotlight. Ultimately, many people who do live in the tunnels find the help they need to get out of them. A lot of people are able to escape the tunnels and go on to live productive lives as citizens and not as sewer people.