Why We Love Vegas Escorts (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love Vegas Escorts

Las Vegas is one of the places in the United States where escorting is a booming and legal business. Men and women hire escorts for a number of reasons. Below is a list of reasons why so many people love escorts and you will too, once you try them out.
Many of us have fantasies that we are too embarrassed to tell anyone or our partners refuse to fulfill them for us. This can take a toll on us sexually. Fantasies help to keep our sex life alive. Instead of burying our deepest fantasy, we can easily call up exotic escort services and reveal to them what we would like. The escort shows up to our door and allows us to play out our fantasies. We no longer feel deprived, but full-filled. Also, if you are getting married you have access to Bachelor Party Escorts in Vegas that will surely provide you with a night to remember. Most men would love to have one more “free night” before they settle down.
Escorts not only provide sexual services, they also are able to provide companionship or company. Las Vegas is a big city and sometimes it’s hard to find a date to a special event. Instead of attending an event alone, an escort can easily be hired to become our “plus one”. This is very beneficial for men and women because it helps to stop stares for the wrong reason. Showing up to an event alone while everyone has a date can seem kind of depressing. Instead of explaining to everyone why you do not have a date, hire one of the best escorts in Las Vegas that can help to give you more confidence and provide people with a real reason to talk. A handsome or beautiful date will possibly cause you to be the envy of the event.

Help to get over relationships

Break-ups are hard to get through. This is because your ex may be the last person that you have been physically intimate with. Having a recollection of the last physical intimate moment that you had can cause difficulty when you are trying to move on with your life. You find yourself missing their touch which can lead to you falsely thinking that you miss them. Instead of going backwards in your love life choose to move forward with the help of an escort. An escort will be able to provide you with a physical encounter that will make you forget about your past and your ex. After one session you will be more likely ready to move on in your life without having a need to ponder on the physical intimacy that you had with your ex.

Having a variety of men and/or females is a reason that many people love Vegas Escorts. Here you have Asian Las Vegas Escorts, Blonde Vegas Escorts, or even Brunette Escorts. Regardless of what your preference is there is an escort that can fulfill it. Some men have a height preference, only hiring petite Las Vegas Escorts. There are tall escorts as well that can help you fulfill your fantasies.

Las Vegas Escorts are loved by men and women because of the various services they provide. These individuals help to live fantasies, enjoy a party, more or even provide someone with needed companionship. Some many people have been satisfied by the many services that escorts provide. Hire an escort today and I guarantee you will fall in love with them as well. If they provide you with great services please remember to tip well.

Here’s how technology can help you have hotter sex

Technology is wonderful, fantastic and very convenient especially when it comes to sex. The 21st-century tech innovations in electronic devices keep you in Touch with your partner. The right Touch and using tech devices on your partner can make both of you breathless, double the beats of your heart and make your blood rush through your veins. Hurrah for Technology. 

1. Sex Toys have been reinvented throughout the years. The hand vibrating hand massagers are made to fit the palm of your hand. Your fingers touch the skin when you slowly massage the legs, tease the soft spot behind the knees, and don’t forget the sensitive skin inside the thighs. There are lotions and gels that become warm when applied to the body and then add the massager. 

Long Distance Sex can be Great
2. Your long distance relationship doesn’t have to suffer. Use Virtual Sex Toys that will stimulate your phallic member and her core and clitoris using your PC, tablet, phone or other electronic devices to activate the toys. You can purchase the app and watch each other as you reach your height of ecstasy.

Special Texts to Partners Only
3. Sexting works like a charm. Send the “sexy naughty pictures” and “talk dirty” to your partner and mention the body parts you would like to lick taste. All the electronic devices can carry the message. Contact your partner anytime and try to make the sexting an unexpected pleasant surprise.

Recording on Electronic Devices
4. You and your partner can be the stars of your very own erotic movie. Transform the room into your movie set, whether it’s in the bedroom, living room or the upstairs hallway. Position the laptop, tablet or cell phone where the area for your movie will take place. Start filming from the beginning of the foreplay scene to the end when the sweat and fluids begin to flow freely. Set aside a time when you both can review the film fully clothed. Just kiss and hug and watch the film twice and then have fun ripping off each others clothing.

Vibrators, Double Dildo’s and Soft Sturdy Snatch Pockets for Men
5. The vibrating dildo with the clitoris and anal stimulation is a spectacular way to tease your partner. The vibrating snatch pocket is a snug fit and his partner can start kissing him from the neck down while she holds on to the pocket. He can keep the vibrator inside of her at the same time.
You take turns pleasuring each other. Slide the vibrator over the nipples for stimulation and then start sucking on them until they are hard like pebbles. Slowly slide the vibrator under the breast and this will make her core hot, wet and ready for her partner.

Movies are Informative 
6. Watching erotic movies that have the fantasies you would like to try. Role playing and adding another person to fulfill that fantasy is a lot of fun. 
Technology, Fantasy, and Fulfillment make good partners.

Makers of “Mindblowing” Sex Robot is Swamped by Orders

If you love virtual reality games, you are going to be mind blown by this. Virtual Dolls is product that allows users to be able to virtually have sexual intercourse and be pleasured by on-screen eroticism. The makers of this virtual sex toy was swamped by pre-orders and they didn’t predict that amount so they had to pull it off the market. These Virtuadolls are taking adult gaming to the next level with using a VR headset like the Oculus Rift, making it more realistic feeling. 

The virtual dolls are designed to give a “mind-blowing” experience with many features. One of the features is a programmable pressure gripper that allows you to adjust the speed and tightness, along with the “stroke motion”. It is able to detect a “man’s thrust” and portrays it on screen. While it may look like a creepy silicon version of a woman’s safe space, it doesn’t seem to scare any new players away. The device invites players to go on missions and be rewarded with that “happy ending” with the girl of the story. The title of the story that the Virtuadolls are being shipped with is called Girls of Arcadia, with the plot being the players must save a damsel in distress. If you don’t want to save the girl, they you just skip to the sexual part of the story, but sadly you would miss the whole story on how you and the girl even progressed to that stage. 

The only downside is that any teen that buys this should probably consider locking their bedroom doors or live alone, only because their mom could open the door at any moment and the teen won’t even know she is there. In the future, this could come with headphones along with the VR headset and you are practically so into the game, you won’t notice your surroundings in the real world. Just be cautionate about your surroundings before diving into the system.

Basically, this is a an adult game controller where touch and feedback are on the same level. You could feel the game better than ever with the synchronized movement. Every man out there is ecstatic about the arrival of this product, however, the product’s campaign is postponed because of a huge amount of orders. In 5 days, the campaign did raise $7,000 out of their $20,000 goal, showing a huge demand for their product. Experts say that these “sex robots” could be the biggest trend of 2016.

Porn Industry Might find New Home in Las Vegas

Among the many concerns that are plaguing Nevada, the porn industry appears to be one of the biggest and most polarizing upon its horizon. Many other states who have been home to the industry have done their best to pass legislation to make it hard for filmmakers to shoot porn in their states. Famous examples include the “Mandatory Condom Law” in all adult films. 

Las Vegas though has always been known for its relaxed view on what goes and what does not. Prostitution in all technicality is illegal. That does not, however, stop the overflow of people handing out business cards for so-called “escort services” up and down the main strip. Vegas has itself steeply positioned in the industry as is. Famous organizations within the industry like Brazzers already own studios in Las Vegas.

Many experts have pointed out that it is completely legal to film porn in the state. Many have stepped up to challenge this but none are able to debase it. The state simply treats it like a strip club, which Las Vegas has an abundance of, and lets it be. As long as the industry follows regular state laws and does not abuse any of them, then the legality never appears to be in question.

Furthermore, Nevada is a state that is rather lenient with its corporate tax and even offers a smaller cost of living. Perhaps most amusingly the state has also tried to offer incentives to have more filmmakers making films in the state of Nevada. These incentives have acted to also bring the adult industry in with it. In addition, Vegas has always been very kind and generous to the adult award shows. Vegas, though previously noted as illegal, has a rather large pool of prostitutes that work there. Not to mention the myriad of strip clubs. The easy access to stars makes Vegas seem all the more like home. It is easy to see why the adult film industry might receive a good deal of sympathy from Las Vegas.

Voting trends and the demeanor among public officials tends to reveal that the libertarian views are exceptionally common in Vegas. Libertarian views often are more “Live and let live.” and thus, it seems that the ideological grounds in Vegas are already laid out. The adult film industry simply needs to plant the seeds and let it grow. It has plenty of resources, an abundance of actresses it already fly’s out there, and plenty of young and eager talent to use. Indeed, Las Vegas already looks very much like the porn industries home.

Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring an Escort

Hiring Vegas escorts is all about companionship. You need to make sure that you have chosen an escort that looks like they come from a good agency, but you also need to know how escorts in Vegas work. This is a town that is regulated to the hilt, and you need to make sure that you are doing everything by the book. Someone who wants to get around the regulations of the industry or wants to be below board will not be able to hire an escort, and the escort will likely walk away with your payment because you made it online. 

Las Vegas Escorts Hang Out With You

The escort you hire is going to hang out with you, and that is as far as it is going to go. You might get a girl who does not mind to make out or to be touched. You need to be sure that you know what the escort is willing to do. If you can touch her, that is fine. There are girls who are not going to allow that, and you need to be sure that you know her boundaries. You could get arrested for going too far, and you do not want to be the guy that gets arrested in Vegas because you touched a girl the wrong way.

Be Specific

You are better off being specific when you pick the girl. You are better off if you say that you like a girl to be a specific height, race, hair color and so on. You will end up meeting a girl who looks so good that you cannot even imagine how good she looks. That alone will make you feel better, and it will help you have a really good time when you are out with this girl. You can just look at her, and she knows that she is your eye candy for the night.

You could even be so specific as to ask to have her wearing certain kinds of clothing. You might not want to be too obvious, so she can dress down. Other girls are happy to wear a mini dress and be ready to go on the town all night in a tall pair of heels. They are there to give you what you are looking for, and the agency will help you pick out the person that you need.

No Sex

You have to be sure that you do not have the wrong ideas. A girl who is getting you to pay for sex is doing something illegal, and you are going to be on the wrong side of that arrangement. The girl is someone who will go out with you without a problem, but she will not go somewhere else with you. It is not her job to go back to your room, and it is not her job to sleep with you. You need to be careful because the city is rung with police, and she can easily call for help if you go over the line.

The Prices

You need to make sure that you have checked on the prices for the escorts per hour. That means that you have set it up to make sure that you can pay for the escort for the night. There are many people who do not know how much an escort will cost. The cost of the escort is something that you need to be willing to pay in advance, and you need to make sure that you are going to be able to pay right when you need to. If you do not check on the prices, you will be in a world of hurt that you cannot get out of because the escort will not be able to stay and you will lose all the money you might have already paid for the deposit.

The Deposit

You need to be willing to make sure that you have paid the deposit to make sure that you can get the appointment settled on. You will be able to pay the deposit in advance to have the appointment with the girl, and she will not get information of where to meet you. This is the only way for the girl to be safe, and this is the only way you to be able to get the appointment with the girl. There are a lot of girls who are going to be able to make sure that you can go out on your date for the number of hours that you need for the night.

The Girls You Meet

The girls you meet are going to be really friendly, and they are going to be able to talk to you to make sure that you feel good during the date. They know how to talk to men who are doing high stress jobs, and they know how to make sure that they are helping you feel heard. There are a lot of people who are going to be able to have these really nice times with the girls that are going to be able to talk to them. There are a lot of people who are going to be able to have more fun on a date when they can talk, and it will really attract you because you are talking to a hot girl who is able to talk to you.

There are people who need to have an escort in the city who is going to make a trip to the city fun, and that is going to make it much easier for you to have a good time. The good times that you are going to have in the city will be more fun when you have a really sexy girl on your arm. Everyone will see the girl, and you will have a lot of street cred that people are going to give you because they saw you with a really sexy Vegas escort on the town who is stunning and striking.

The Sewer People of Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is home to nearly 2 million people. Nearly all of them live within the city limits and the surrounding suburbs. However, there is another group of people residing within Las Vegas and they reside beneath the city’s infrastructure inside of tunnels. These individuals are known as the sewer or mole people of Las Vegas. They are in fact a part of the homeless population that resides in under belly of Sin City. 

Most people do not go through life wanting to be homeless. Many people find themselves in this type of situation due to addiction problems. People also end up homeless because they cannot support themselves financially. Regardless of the reason, the tunnels beneath Las Vegas is filled with people who somehow managed to end up on the streets. 

When people find themselves inside of the tunnels they try to make the most of their situation. They usually set up a cot or even a bed. They often have belongings such as books, lamps, dressers and crates for storing and shelving items. People who live in the tunnels are usually dealing with some form of addiction or mental health issues. They often have to find a way to support their drug habits while they are living in this type of situation. 

One way that the tunnel dwellers find money is by credit-hustling. This is an activity which requires people to search through the slot machines to find left over credits by previous players. On average, people can earn $50 a night. Some individuals have been known to make as much as $1600 on a given night doing this type of thing. Unfortunately, many people who reside within the tunnels do not want to use the money to overcome their problem with homelessness. Instead, a lot of them use it to support their addiction. 

Many of the homeless people in Las Vegas’s tunnel system have been placed into shelters or mental health facilities within other cities. No one wants to deal with them and they are usually forgotten or unnoticed by the vast majority of people living above ground in Las Vegas. Some tunnel dwellers claims that this is another thing that attracts people to the tunnels. The fact that they become invisible and no one really pays attention to them or bothers them. 

City officials know that the tunnels exists and that people use them to survive. They are not going to drive everyone up to the surface because of the problems it would cause trying to take care of them. Many of Las Vegas homeless charities are already overwhelmed. 

The tunnels do present problems for law enforcement officials if someone commits a crime. They can easily stay lost in the tunnels for weeks on end. This is what Timmy T.J. Weber did back in 2002 after murdering his girlfriend. Weber disappeared in the tunnels for many weeks before police finally caught up with him. His actions is what brought the tunnels beneath Las Vegas to the spotlight. Ultimately, many people who do live in the tunnels find the help they need to get out of them. A lot of people are able to escape the tunnels and go on to live productive lives as citizens and not as sewer people. 

UNLVINO Raises Funds For UNLV’s William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration Scholarship Fund

From rolling the dice on a startup, funding raising event in 1974, UNLVINO has exploded in popularity, becoming the preeminent wine, spirit and beer tasting festival in the West. The four-day global beverage affair presents a myriad of events fashioned for the wine, spirit and beer connoisseur, aficionado and novice. The annual UNLVINO affair solicits charitable donations for UNLV’s William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration scholarship fund.

UNLVINO can trace its roots back to UNLV hospitality program director Jerry Valle. He instituted a wine tasting curriculum at UNLV, in 1969, with a Hilton Hotel-Casino sommelier. In need of wine to sample in the classroom, Vallen got in touch with local alcohol beverage distributors seeking wine gratis. Vallen remarked, “I had to store the wine at my house because we couldn’t have it on campus.” When the course concluded, Vallen, prohibited by law, still offered to return the wine to the distributors. He believes that his gratitude for the donations impressed many and set in motion the foundation for the annual affair.

In 1974, after five years of classroom wine tasting, Southern Wine & Spirits President, Larry Ruvo came up with the idea to have a local wine festival, with funds raised benefiting UNLV’s College of Hotel Administration scholarship fund. The inaugural UNLVINO took place at Southern Wine & Spirits’ warehouse. Less than 50 individuals attended the first affair, but as the next ten years passed, the affair grew in popularity. It became popular, which necessitated UNLVINO to move to the spacious and accommodating Thomas & Mack Center.

As word spread about the first class UNLVINO affair, it was forced to move again, to Bally’s Grand Ballroom, to handle to the growing crowds. Bally’s Grand Ballroom offered attendees more ambiance and an intimate and cozy setting, with abundant parking. UNLVINO now had over 100 tables, a far cry from just 25 tables 14 years earlier.

With interest in wines increasing in the late 80’s, attendees were tasting wines beyond the borders of California and France hailing from around the world and even Washington State.

The UNLVINO affair, growing by leaps and bounds, introduced “Bubble-Licious” and “Auss-some & Then Some”, which enlightened event-goers to the wines from Australia and New Zealand. The 2004 event would see celebrity chefs and gourmet food introduced at the wine tasting affair.

2014 would have UNLVINO on the move again, to the event center at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, to handle the crowds. Thirty years after its inception, the Dom Pérignon Award of Excellence was awarded to UNLVINO’s co-founders Jerry Vallen and Larry Ruvo.